Weekend in Wales

The bike seemed to be running fine, apart from its awful MPG guesstimate. Actually, turns out that, no, I didn’t still have 23 litres of fuel left once I’d ridden from London to Wales. Dodgy fuel sensor.
My riding buddy had the opposite problem, he ended up with two litres of retention in his bladder. You know, the real one. Most likely the reason his riding was off the ball, and he left his indicator on 5 times that Sunday.
He admitted himself to A&E on the bank holiday Monday. Not a bad time to admit yourself, as the A&E was empty.
Anyhow, I was fast asleep and ready for my second breakfast of the weekend (he missed both of his (hangover / A&E)).
Slightly worrying when he was 2/3rds of the way back and complained of pins & needles. Turns out that strapping a catheter bag is not done so tight.
Pretty happy with the Spot Gen3, think it’s a worthwhile investment. Am now just playing with this bloody WordPress site and wondering if it’ll be worth it.