Overland Event

The Overland Event is my first visit to such a meet. The amazing Ted Simon was there, but as per usual, I thought I had nothing yet to add to his memories, so just took a photo of him from afar. Ted Simon is an inspiration to all adventure motorcyclists. One day I’ll hopefully have a story or two to interest him. In the mean time, do have a read of Jupiter’s travels. So much of today, including The Long Way Round, is because of his pioneering spirit. Me, I just snored in my tent.

French Jaunt photos

I was supposed to be returning to Wales, but having just been, I decided that I wanted to do something different. Fortunately, the other two riders had to pull out freeing me up.
I decided to hit France with no real plan. Get the ferry overnight to Caen and then see where it takes me.
My first overnight stop was near Tours, returning to a campsite in Amboise that I last was at in the 1970’s. Due to lack of sleep on the ferry, this was a welcome early stop.
From there I headed to South, towards the Alps. Late arrival meant staying in a hotel, The Grand in Grenoble was very nice indeed. Grenoble was a great fun place to be out and about in.
Riding from Vichy was very nice and twisty, and nearing the Alps had whooping with excitement as I was riding towards and they started to show their size.
I had a quick play on the Alp d’Huez … however, all over too quickly as I had to start my return journey. Late arrival in Dijon meant another hotel, this one was pretty crappy – but cheap. It did fine. Dijon wasn’t really a city that I enjoyed particularly.
It was a great trip overall, although probably too much riding. The final day saw me leave Dijon at 09.30 UK time and arrive at my 2nd home (the pub) for a swift beer at 10.45pm … I’d only stopped for bio breaks, a quick walk around Lille with a coffee and a sandwich from Patapain in “somewhere”- which seemed to be like a nice version of Greggs.
Eurotunnel had messed up though, and I was bumped from a 20:20 train until 02:11 … lots of furious people at the information desk, but fortunately I smiled and got onto the next train at 21:20 …

You can take a look at my Google+ Photos

Weekend in Wales

The bike seemed to be running fine, apart from its awful MPG guesstimate. Actually, turns out that, no, I didn’t still have 23 litres of fuel left once I’d ridden from London to Wales. Dodgy fuel sensor.
My riding buddy had the opposite problem, he ended up with two litres of retention in his bladder. You know, the real one. Most likely the reason his riding was off the ball, and he left his indicator on 5 times that Sunday.
He admitted himself to A&E on the bank holiday Monday. Not a bad time to admit yourself, as the A&E was empty.
Anyhow, I was fast asleep and ready for my second breakfast of the weekend (he missed both of his (hangover / A&E)).
Slightly worrying when he was 2/3rds of the way back and complained of pins & needles. Turns out that strapping a catheter bag is not done so tight.
Pretty happy with the Spot Gen3, think it’s a worthwhile investment. Am now just playing with this bloody WordPress site and wondering if it’ll be worth it.