027/ Long 8 minute .. got to monkeys (Sep 2020)

027/ Surbiton Tennis Club? (Jan 2020)

026/ Leon (similar to Lion, or Lee) loves Surbington (May 2019)

025/ Beneficial Lady (April 2019)

024/ Hello Lady. (April 2019)

023/ Mike @ Supreme consumers. (January 2019)

022/ Swiss Martha is back again .. She’s persistent. (October 2018)

021/ Swiss Martha is back .. last seen in May. (She’s very professional). (October 2018)

020/ What’s your first name? What’s your first name? (October 2018)

019/ BT (on behalf of) .. alright, we’ll leave it how it is. (October 2018)

018/ Italian food company calling? (July 2018)

017/ Martha calls Mr Lock. (June 2018)

016/ Martha Mayer Skincare call 2 – the last minute is hilarious. She starts losing it. (May 2018)

015/ Martha Mayer Skincare call 1 – I initially thought, oops, nice person caught out. But it’s another scam company but they do sell you some crap. All the girls are called Martha Mayers. (4m 44s) (May 2018)

014/ Lenny vs ‘BT Technical Department’ – Too much background noise … sort it out guys. (Apr 2018)

013/ Lenny vs ‘Microsoft’ – Again, again .. only a shorty. (Mar 2018)

012/ Lenny vs ‘Microsoft’ – Again .. only a shorty. (Mar 2018)

011/ Lenny vs ‘Microsoft’ – It’s been a while, but Lenny returns. (Jan 2018)

010/ Lenny gets his first car insurance scam call. (May 2017)

009/ Gem (Supervisor) from RB Security. (Mar 2017)

008/ Karen from RB Security. (Mar 2017)

007/ Have I got my Yellow Pages? (Mar 2017)

006/ I think Chris passed the call onto the next level to wind someone else up, called Jack. (Jan 2017)

005/ Chris really isn’t happy. So much so, he calls again to swear at poor old Lenny, and a quick spelling lesson. (Jan 2017)

004/ Fortunately Chris calls back. For a 9 minute call. He’s my first to get to the ducks bit, then starts losing it at about 07:50. (Jan 2017)

003/ Chris Rogers from the Accident Investigation Department calls for a first time. Unfortunately we get cut off. (Jan 2017)

002/ This one knows it’s a computer. (Jan 2017)

001/ My first proper call, unfortunately gets truncated. Have edited the script to see if that helps. (April 2016)