mqtt & me

Small contract for an agency, when I hated working the long extra hours that was Shoreditch. OK, I’ll head to Camden.

The project was to build a giant shitting man. My stomach was doing some strange noises in the first hour meeting.

MQTT was embraced immediately, as we needed a low latency protocol. External contacts embraced my plan of only connecting via mqtt. I’m not even sure we had permissions in mqtt at that point, but set up a complex network of ssh tunnels.

The technical people on this project were amazing. Different skills, all embracing the protocol. Just gelled.

It’d have been improved, if I’d planned my topic management.

Still an issue.

Here was the finished project ….

Required a satellite connection to get internet. One of the most central, but paranoid places. Nearly upgraded the cafe to a huge connection. Internet from space was cheaper.

They brought in Hollywood …

Things I won’t travel without again

1. A late purchase, but the Bose Soundlink is number 1. Amazing.
2. Anker – well any of their stuff, their battery backup is amazing, the iphone6 cover works perfectly .. and finally .. but needs extra recommendation .. the 5 port Anker USB. No longer need to carry plugs & four way gang plugs. Their cables are also really, really strong. (Try finding a a USB-C cable in Thailand, I miss Amazon.)).
3. iPhone .. book everything on the go. I’m also carrying a MacBook, iPad and Kindle.
4. Pebble watch .. it’s been amazing with directions both when walking and also when riding motorcycles. It doesn’t do Thai text, but neither of us understand that .. but it keeps me in the right direction, mostly.
5. OwnTracks app. When Google dropped support for their version, the OS community stepped up.
6. Buff. I lost my first one, nearly lost my cheap copy today. But in a hot place, I need a sweat catcher, well, I don’t want to directly contact an old sweaty helmet with my scalp.
7. Can neompreme chiller. Keep one of those handy for a 7-Eleven raid.
8. A brother who is being a VTG (Virtual Tour Guide via Google Maps…. amazing)